8 Horror Games You Should Never Play

If you are done playing boring board games or playing cards and looking for something more thrilling, bone-chilling and adrenaline-pumping, you should definitely check out this list of the scariest horror games ever. Some are so scary that those who have tried them swear they would never play them again, that’s how huge an impression they leave. You don’t need to believe in ghosts and devils, but these games will sure enough shake you to the core question your every belief.

Elevator to another dimension

This Korean game takes you to a whole different dimension. To play it you need an elevator in a ten-story or taller building and once you board the elevator it takes you places where you’ll be totally alone. There’s a particular order in which the elevator should ascend you to different floors, so you should go to the 4th floor first. After the 4th floor the elevator takes you according to the following sequence, 2, 6, 2, 10, 5. On the 5th floor, a woman will enter the elevator provided you’ve done everything right. She will ask where you are going, but you shouldn’t reply to her. The elevator will then go to the 10th floor where you’ll find a new world which you can visit if you like. It will look the same as this world only with complete absence of light and total solitude. Once you’re done with this new universe, you can descend to your own universe using the same combination of floors after entering the same elevator.

The most important thing about this game is not to answer the woman’s question, not to pay attention to her whatsoever. It’s been said that those who replied to her never lived to tell the tale.

Three kings ritual

This is another game which enables you to visit another dimension. To play it you need a vast dark room, without sunlight, so maybe your basement could serve the purpose. The only things you need for this game are a candle, two mirrors, three chairs and an object from your childhood. Leave all of those things in the basement with the door open and go to sleep in your own bed. It’s important that it’s in your own room. Set the alarm at precisely 3.30 AM and wake up and go to the room with the things and you’ll perform the ritual there.

Sit on the chair, light up the candle, hold it in your hand and wait until 3.33 AM. Don’t look in the mirror, look at the darkest part of the room. At 3.33 AM you should feel someone’s presence in the room. It should tell you something about your past. This experience is even said to put some people in a kind of a lucid dream. Try it out and check it out for yourself.

Ouija Board

You’ve certainly heard of this one, because it’s the most famous of all. The Ouija board has letters of alphabet and numbers on it and it’s made to summon spirits from the supernatural dimension. Some have even summoned the devil himself! However, you shouldn’t use it often because it’s a pathway to an unknown dimension and you could permanently alter the boundaries between the dimensions if you abuse it.

Once you summon a spirit never ask of it to prove its presence by taking some action because you’re thus inviting it to enter your world and who knows what could happen then.

One man hide and seek

When they came up with, it the Japanese called it Hitori Kakurenbo. It’s a game in which you play hide and seek with a spirit-possessed doll. The doll needs to be stuffed. Before playing, remove the stuffing and fill the doll with rice and a piece of yourself such as a hair or a nail. Sew the doll back using red thread and wrap it in red thread too.

Name the doll and put it in water, perhaps in a washbowl or a tub, before leaving it and turning off all the lights in your house. Fill your mouth with salty water and go back for the doll which would probably be missing. Look for it around the house and when you find it pour salty water over it and burn it. Then go and hide and wait, someone would definitely find you soon enough.

The Midnight Game

This one is probably the most played one and it’s said to have originated in pagan times and used for punishing the disobeyers of religion. If you want to go to extremes with this game you will summon the Midnight Man which you have to run from until 3.33 AM. It’s of utmost importance that you don’t let him catch you because horrible thing will happen to you.

It’s an easy-enough game to play and you can even play it with someone else. However, before you dare play it, bear in mind that many have gone crazy and paranoid after having completed the task of evading the Midnight Man.


This is another Japanese game which could be translated to Bath Game in English. In it you also summon a spirit or a ghost and run away from it. In order to do so you have to turn off all the lights in your house and go the bathtub, completely naked. In a bathtub you should be oriented toward the tap and then start washing your hair repeating the following words as you do it: “Daruma-san fell down”. you should repeat the words over and over until there’s be a woman in front of the tub facing you. She will fall down on the tap and hit her eye but you should continue washing your hair and repeating the words. Having washed your hair, utter the following question once: “Why did you fall in the bathtub?”

Then leave the bathroom and go to bed, the game is yet to begin the following day. Tomorrow you’ll feel someone’s presence all the time but try to maintain some distance form it. Never let it come too close. You’ll constantly be running from it. If you feel it’s come too near, turn around, imitate a slap and say: “Kitta!”

The hooded man

This game is similar to the elevator games because it takes you to another dimension, the only difference is that this time you’re not alone but accompanied by the Hooded Man. In order to cleanse yourself before the ritual you need to burn some sage and sprinkle salt on your front step. After the sun sets on the same day, you should call a taxi, go in, close the door and fall asleep. You’ll wake up at 3.30 AM, check the time and go back to sleep. When you wake up the following time, the road will be unfamiliar and the taxi will be conducted by the Hooded Man.

Don’t pay attention to any other passengers if they happen to enter the taxi. Simply enjoy this new dimension, and if you decide to go back just tell the Hooded Man that you’ve reached your destination and you’ll go back to sleep and wake up at your house.

Closet game

In this game you don’t conjure a spirit or a ghost of some sort but a real demon and that’s what makes it scarier than most other. Close yourself standing up in a dark closet and hold an unlighted match in front of you. Then say the following words out loud: “Show me the light ore leave in darkness!”

You should hear someone near you whispering to your ear. This dark demon is very dangerous so don’t let him get to you. In order to save yourself from a dark abyss where the demon would take you and from which you could never return, you need to light up the match as soon as possible. Don’t panic and the match will show you the light and save you from certain doom.

Think that this is childish and absurd? Asking someone who’s tried any of these games might change your mind. Consider trying one of these scary endeavors and you’ll see for yourself how crazy they can drive you and how close the paranormal actually is. Even if you don’t believe, you certainly can play these games and feel your blood curdle.

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